Kaleam, an Arabic Calligraphy Digital Platform

Kaleam, an Arabic Calligraphy Digital Platform

Have you ever wanted to create your own Arabic calligraphy? Maybe a client has requested hand-lettering but you lack the expertise to do it. Is hiring a calligraphist over your budget? Are you a calligraphist yourself and would like to know how to digitize your work?

!Kaleam is the platform for you

Last time, I talked about some essential resources for Arabic typefaces and fonts. Today, however, I am sharing a trade secret, a unique platform, that utilises artificial intelligence in creating digital Arabic calligraphy.

Kaleam is a Saudi-built technology which was founded by Fahed Al-Rashid and Abdul Aziz Al-Sharikh. Al-Rashid expressed that their development of the platform was in order to fill the gap in the Arabic script spectrum. Most current technologies were initially built for the Latin script. Later on they were modified to recognise other languages including Arabic, which in turn, compromised a lot of its beauty to be accommodated in the digital font system.

Kaleam platform aims to provide digital tools to create beautiful and unique designs similar to hand-written artworks without compromising the authenticity of Arabic calligraphy.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate, with a sufficient description of each panel. You can also control the letters easily and smoothly with great detail.

On the free version, Al Thulth font is available, and upon upgrading your account you can also use Al Nask and Al Diwani fonts. Moreover, you can save True Type and Open Type files without having to use additional websites or softwares.

The platform is available on your Web-browser like Safari or Chrome, so there is no need to install any software


Kaleam platform provides the opportunity for novice designers, school and university students, hobbyists and creatives to design beautiful artworks and lettering logos in Arabic Calligraphy easily using its new digital technology. Try it yourself and share your creativity with me!

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