Arabic Fonts Guide

Arabic Fonts Guide

As a designer in the middle east, you may face challenges in finding suitable Arabic fonts for your design needs. Here is a list of essential fonts that you need in your repertoire.

Sadly, many websites upload fonts illegally without getting the required permission. This is called “Copyright Infringement” and it leads to the loss of the designer’s rights and efforts. It is crucial to identify the proper font license prior to using it in your artwork to avoid any legal implications and to protect the rights of other designers.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts Website

In 2010, Google launched an open source catalog available for everyone Google had many collaborations with different designers, and it encourages creatives to participate in this initiative

From my work experience, licenses prices vary depending on the usage. For example, a web licence is much more expensive than a desktop version. This variation makes this initiative vital for rising designers and developers who do not want to compromise the quality of their work

Some of the highlights of the Arabic fonts available: Cairo, Amiri, and Lateef, and others

Hammah Fonts

Designed by Nabeel Murad

Free for personal and commercial use

:Designer’s Page

Malmoom Font

malmom fonts

Designed by Fahid AlFraikh

Free for personal use only, commercial license must be bought

:You’ll find other incredible fonts here

Sahaba Font

Sahabah Fonts

Designed by Hossam Al Dain Ahmed

Free for personal and commercial use

:Designer’s Page

Ghanem Fonts Designed by Ghanem Al Mutairi



VIP Hakim


VIP Rawy


BenKemad Fonts

Free for personal and commercial use




Boutrosfonts Fonts

 GE Dinar one | License must be bought


GE SS TWO | Highly recommend buying this font!

License must be bought

RLT Type

RLT Type

This company specialises in creating Arabic and English typefaces. They also offer different design, printing and consultation services.

Licenses must be bought

Fonts Designed by Mostafa Abasiry

Sultan Fonts

Sultan Fonts

Tarik Atrissi Fonts


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for every designer who contributed in enriching the Arabic font web library through creating new typefaces everyday. Let us share the love and support them by visiting their pages and buying proper licenses to protect their rights!

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